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Session A : Internet Performance
1 Adaptive Geolocation of Internet Hosts 1
Raja A.A. Khan, Anjum Naveed, and R. Les Cottrell.
2 PingER Malaysia-Internet Performance Measuring Project: A Case Study Saqib Ali, R. Les Cottrell, and Anjum Naveed. 7
3 A Survey On Big Data Indexing Strategies 13
Fatima Binta Adamu, Adib Habbal, Suhaidi Hassan, R. Les Cottrell, Bebo White, and Ibrahim Abdullahi.
4 Performance Evaluation of TCP Incast Protocols in Data Center Network 19
Salman Khalid, Fawaz S. Bokhari, Waheed Iqbal, and Shazal Irshad.
5 Worldwide Internet Performance Measurements Using Lightweight Measurement Platforms 25
R. Les Cottrell, Thiago Barbosa, Bebo White, Johari Abdullah, and Topher White.
6 Applying Data Warehousing and Big Data Techniques to Analyze Internet Performance 31
T. M. S Barbosa, R. F. Souza, S. M. S. Cruz, M. L. Campos, and R. Les Cottrell.
Session B: Information Centric Networks
7 Comparison of Caching Strategies on Different Topologies in Information- Centric Networking  37
Ikram Ud Din, Suhaidi Hassan, and Adib Habbal.
8 Agglomeration of Congestion and Forwarding Approaches in Named Data Networks: An Extended Concept 42
Mohammed Al-Samman, Suhaidi Hassan, and Suki Arif.
9 Review of Name Resolution and Data Routing for Information Centric Networking 48
Raaid Alubady, Mays Salman, Suhaidi Hassan, and Adib Habbal.
10 Cache Replacement Positions in Information-Centric Network Suki Arif, Suhaidi Hassan and Ibrahim Abdullahi. 54
11 A Mechanism for Reducing Content Retrieval Delay in the Future Internet Ikram Ud Din, Suhaidi Hassan, and Adib Habbal. 59
12 A Comparative Study of Chord and Pastry for the Name Resolution System Implementation in Information Centric Networks 63
Walid Elbreiki, Suhaidi Hassan, Adib Habbal, Mohamed Firdhous, and Mohamed Elshaikh.
13 Internet Protocol MANET vs Named Data MANET: A Critical Evaluation Raaid Alubady, Mohammed Al-Samman, Suhaidi Hassan, Suki Arif, and Adib Habbal 70
14 An Exponential based Model for Cache Management in Named Data Networking 77
Mohammed Madi, Hatim Mohamed Tahir, Anas Mohammad Tawalbeh, and Omar Almomani.
Session C: Wireless and Mobile Networks
15 Context-aware Multi-attribute Radio Access Technology Selection for 5G Networks 81
Swetha Indudhar Goudar, Suhaidi Hassan, and Adib Habbal.
16 PAPR Reduction In OFDM Using Statistical Transformation Distribution 87
A. A. Abdul Wahab, and M. Ilham Aman.
17 On The Connectivity Analysis of Vehicular Ad hoc Networks in Presence of Channel Randomness 94
Sabri M. Hanshi, Mohammed M. Kadhum, and Tat-Chee Wan.
18 Proportional Fair and Round-Robin Scheduling Analysis in Multimedia Broadcast of Long Term Evolution (LTE) 100
Arman, Diyanatul Husna, and Riri Fitri Sari.
19 Implementation of an Offloading Strategy in Heterogeneous Environment Swetha Indudhar Goudar, Suwannit Chareen Chit, Benzitouni Mounira Moumen Radia, and Suhaidi Hassan. 105
20 Performance Evaluation of Corrupted Nakagami Signal and Doppler Effect on IEEE 1609.4 Standard 110
Doan Perdana, and Riri Fitri Sari.
21 Simulation-based Performance of Transport Protocols Using MPEG-4 Traffics over 4G Network 116
Wisam Abduladheem Kamil, Raaid Alubady, and Shahrudin Awang Nor.
22 A Comprehensive Survey on Delay Tolerant Networks 123
Kawakib K. Ahmed, Mohd Hasbullah Omar, and Suhaidi Hassan.
Session D: Network Controls
23 Scheduling: Potential Criteria Evaluation Using Longer Job First 129
Ibrahim Abdullahi, Sahalu B. Junaidu, U. M Gana, and Fatima B. Adamu.
24 Fairness in Active Queue management Algorithms: A Review Atheer Flayh Hassan, Suhaidi Hassan, and Suki Arif. 134
25 Analysing the performance of the OpenFlow for Software Defined Networks using OMNeT++ INET Framework 141
Shivaleela Arlimatti, Suhaidi Hassan, Adib Habbal, Mohamed Firdhous, and Mohamed Elshaikh.
26 The impact of energy consumption on the performance of DTN routing protocols 147
Salah Eddine Loudari, Maria Benamar, Nabil Benamar, and Adib Habbal.
Session E: Wireless Sensor Networks
27 Congestion Control for Caching-Aware Transport Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks 155
Melchizedek I. Alipio, and Nestor Michael C. Tiglao.
28 The Impact of Data Fusing vs non-Fusing for Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks 162
Haydar Abdulameer Marhoon, M. Mahmuddin, and Shahrudin Awang Nor.
29 A Proposed Multi-hop LEACH Routing Protocol Model for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) 168
Wa’el Alabadleh, Massudi Mahmuddin, Mohd Samsu Sajat, and Latifah Munirah.
30 Performance Analysis of RPL in an Ambient Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Network 174
Wilbert Jethro R. Limjoco, Nestor Michael C. Tiglao, China Kimberly Paige S. Yu, and Carl C. Dizon.
31 WSN Signal Propagation Study in Fish Hatchery 180
M. A Mohd Arif, M. Mahmuddin, M. H. Omar, A. Y. Md Shakaff, and M. N. Ahmad.
Session F: Internet Applications
32 A Verification of the Student Outcomes in the BSIT Program Using the Implementation of the SISC Alumni Tracer for BSN as a Basis of Evaluation Aris E. Ignacio. 186
33 Enhanced SITE CHECKER Tool for Website Accessibility Evaluation Areej Alzaidi, Noha Alsulami, and Seyed Mohamed Buhari. 191
34 The Effects of Technological Challenges on E-learning Implementation Hanan Aldowah, Balakrishnan Muniandy, and Samar Ghazal. 200
35 An Enhancement of Computer Incident Response Model for Organization: A Study of Premium Pension Limited Nigeria 206
Abubakar Mohammed, Nur Haryani Zakaria, and Osman Ghazali.
36 Expert Directory System for Managing Organizational Knowledge Mohammed Ahmed Taiye, Siti Sakira Kamaruddin, Norliza Katuk, and Hamisu Ibrahim Abubakar. 212
37 A Smart Phone that Acts Unsmart: An Assistive Touch Screen User Interface for Visually Impaired People 218
Nova Ahmed, Fajilatun Nahar, A. M. Masudul Haque, and Arshad M. Chowdhury.
Session G: Internet of Things
38 A Generalized Internet of Things (IoT) Framework for Serving Multiple Applications. 224
Lokesh Chandra Das, Muhammed Tawfiqul Islam, and Syed Faisal Hasan.
39 Dynamic Service Arbitration for Autonomic Internet of Things 230
Qazi mamoon Ashraf, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, and Islam Md. Rafiqul Islam.
Session H: Fiber-optic communication
40 Spot Mode Excitation for Multimode fiber. 235
Yousef Fazea, Angela Amphawan, and Amran Ahmad.
41 4 X 2.5Gbps-10 GHz Ro-FSO Transmission Systems by Incorporating Hybrid WDM-MDM of Spiral-Phased LG-HG Modes 241
Sushank Chaudhary, Angela Amphawan, Norazila Ali, and Mohd Samsu Sajat.
42 A Testbed: Evaluation of HomePlug AV Broadband Power Line Communication Adapter over Indoor Electricity Grid 245
Abdullah Altrad, Mohd Samsu Sajat, Angela Amphawan, and Wan Rozaini Osman
Session I: Security
43 Neighbor Discovery Protocol Anomaly Detection Using Finite State Machine and Strict Anomaly Detection 251
Firas Najjar, Mohammad Kadhum, and Homam El-Taj.
44  Detecting Network’s Attack using SNORT with Raspberry Pi Diyanatul Husna, Dwi Hartati Izaldi, and Riri Fitri Sari 257
45 Open Internet: An End-to-End Framework for Detecting Protocol Blocking and Content Shaping 262
Muhammed Tawfiqul Islam, Sabbir Ahmed, Syed Faisal Hasan, Alexander Blom, Suraiya Pervin, and Shabbir Ahmed.
46 Graphical Password Mechanisms: A Case Study Abdullah Ibrahim Shaban, and Nur haryani Zakaria. 268
Session J: Cloud and Grid Computing
47 Hybrid Auto-scaling of Multi-tier Web Applications: A Case of Using Amazon Public Cloud 274
Abid Nisar, Waheed Iqbal, Fawaz S. Bokhari, and Faisal Bukhari.
48 A Quad Security Framework (QSF) for Minimizing Data Breaches in Cloud Computing 280
Faisal Shahzad, Osman Ghazali, Shahzada Khurram and Shakir Zufayri Osman.
49 Cloud Computing for Small Businesses: A Profitability Analysis Mohamed Firdhous, Osman Ghazali, and Suhaidi Hassan 286
50 A Critical Review on Resource Allocation Mechanisms in Grid Computing Omar Dakkak, Shahrudin Awang Nor, and Ahmad Suki. 290
51 Peer to Peer Resource Discovery Mechanisms in Grid Computing: A Critical Review 295
Mowafaq Salem Alzboon, Suki Arif, M.Mahmuddin, and Omar Dakkak.
52 A Survey of Cloud Monitoring: High Level, Low Level, Underlay and Overlay Shahzada Khurram, Osman Ghazali and Faisal Shahzad, and Ainin Sofia Osman. 302
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